Sainsel, Spanish Company with more than 20 years of experience, shared by Navantia and Indra

Experts on engineering solutions with high experience in defense, surveillance and security, Sainsel has installed more than 400 equipments and systems in a lot of ships, aircrafts and control centers, property of different national and international clients.

Sainsel adds solid principles of modernity, innovation, quality and adaptability, with the only purpose of providing a full service to clients, being present in every stage of the life cycle, highlighting its capability to provide maintenance services and modernizations of obsolete systems.

International company of engineering solutions for Defense, Surveillance and Security


“Meeting the needs of our customers is the primary goal of the Company“

Our organization is adapted to orient to each client, looking for the engineering and technologic solution that covers its necessity. We are proud of the fidelity of our clients, which is based on the confidence generated by the necessary conditions to resolve doubts, incident hot line and immediate assistance services; in short, full support at every level during the whole life of the product with integral service.

Like every company, Sainsel has as a main capital the professionals that are part of the organization. All of them are fully conscious that market and client necessities are changing because the world we are living demands a permanent technologic update based on innovation and not to predict the future, but creating it hand in hand with those who trust us.


In Sainsel, we know what our client wants, and because of that, we have a professional staff specialized in the different sectors that we cover. 75% of our staff has high training and all are high qualified (engineers and graduates), what let us offer always innovative products with the most advanced technology.

The flexibility and agility of our organization let us be where we are required and offer a high quality after-sales service and commitment (reparation, overhauls, modernizations, etc.). Furthermore, our salespeople have a wide technical training, which makes easier the relationship with the client and the understanding of the specified requirements.

Education (%)

  • Telecommunications
  • Engineering Computer
  • Engineering Industrial
  • Engineering Physicist
  • Business Administration
  • Senior Technician

Experience (%)

  • + 15 years
  • + 5 years
  • – 5 years


Sainsel Quality System is certified in the rules ISO 9001, PECAL 2110 and EN-9100, corresponding to civil, military and aeronautic environments. Additionally, the flexibility of our Quality System let us assume the quality procedures and controls of the clients whenever is required.

Quality Policy Declaration

Likewise, Sainsel is certified under ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental Management), which provides the necessary guidance to control the environmental impact in our organization.

Environmental Policy Declaration

Code of Conduct

Corporate Code of Conduct