Delivery of the Integrated Bridge System Console of the first LHD vessel for the Royal Australian Navy

On May 31st, Sainsel has delivered the Integrated Bridge System Console (IBSC) of the LHD01 – HMAS Canberra to BAE Systems at Williamstown shipyard in Australia. The console has been developed and manufactured by Sainsel under a contract with BAE Systems Australia, the prime contractor of the vessel.


FAT test team: (from back to front and left to right) P. Caruana (BAE Systems), A. Nieto (Sainsel), P. Valero (Sainsel), J. Dustin (BAE Systems), P. Olmo (Sainsel), C. Fraile (Sainsel) y J. Chozas (Sainsel).

This console is the first of the two units in the supply and has been produced in the factory of Sainsel at Madrid where the corresponding FAT test were successfully completed on March 28th. The IBSC console will be integrated in the bridge of the LHD01 – HMAS Canberra vessel as a part of its superstructure which is being built in Australia. Navantia is constructing the hull at its shipyard at Ferrol.

The console has been supplied equipped with all the necessary components for the command and control of the vessel platform and also with all navigation resources. This success is the result of a comprehensive process of design and development which has highlighted the extraordinary managing capacity of BAE Systems Australia as the client of this project as well as Sainsel’s ability to implement the project with high standards in quality and requirements fulfilment, crucial for the IBSC which represents the govern and control of the navigation of this huge vessel, twin of the “Juan Carlos I” LHD vessel of the Spanish Navy.

This outstanding achievement is added to other integrated bridge consoles supplied by Sainsel for several vessels including the four BAM ships and the F105 frigate of the Spanish Navy, or the three under construction ordered by the Australian shipyard ASC for the AWD destroyer program of the Royal Australian Navy.


Main Module of the Integrated Bridge System Console

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