Innovation is the engine that drives adaptation and modernization of our products and services

As a result of commitment of Sainsel with modernity and client adaptation, a continuous process of innovation arises that allow Sainsel to be present at the technological forefront, ready to transform its knowledge and skills in new ideas and solutions for its customers. One of the main lines of innovation is to conduct a continuous study of technology market, in order to always work under a modernity bet and allowing to perform the hard work of removing obsolescence and modernization of systems. But beyond this, Sainsel is also working on cutting-edge projects that look to future business lines and improve the products and services offered.

Common Information Sharing Environment

Sainsel supports this project from the European Commission that seeks to achieve an integrated maritime security, providing various maritime authorities to exchange data and information, which would eventually lead to a cheaper and more effective security.

Currently, the national authorities responsible for different aspects of security, such as customs, fisheries, environment, defense, collect data separately and usually do not share. As a result, the same data is taken more than once, creating unnecessary redundancy. That is why this Common Information Sharing Environment ( CISE ) is been developed, it will integrate existing systems and networks security and give access to the various authorities to the information they need for their missions at sea.

CISE will make the different systems interoperable so that data and other information can be easily exchanged through the use of modern technologies.


In a partnership with the State Company for Maritime Safety (SASEMAR) Sainsel has developed a SAR module using the current process technologies and communications, integrated navigation system TNCWECDIS, who has given birth to the NAVSAR -12.

It is a specific navigation system for search and rescue and maritime rescue operations whose use facilitates the operation providing process automation, safety and ergonomics, as well as resources for coordination between the centers and ground units involved in operations. It is certainly a valuable tool for enhancing the SAR organization that recommended the IMO for any coastal country.

Stereoscopic Vision Systems

With a grant in R & D from IMADE of Madrid, Sainsel has developed this innovative system, which aims to provide a comprehensive solution that serves as an alternative to currently existing solutions, thereby giving a stereoscopic or 3D presentation improving the performance of the products already on the market.

The system begins with the acquisition of the scene to render in 3D, before moving on to perform all the tasks required to enable their vision through a system that allows the use of passive polarized glasses and thus avoid the drawbacks of using a dynamic glasses (heavy, cause eye fatigue), technique in which most of the existing products are based.

Professional CCTV System

For implementations where the resolution PAL or NTSC video are not enough, Sainsel has developed a CCTV system capable of distributing IP video images and high resolution images with alphanumeric data or graphics and resolutions up to 1600 × 1200 with a real time response.

The major system components have been developed, including IP video encoders, the server for network management and monitors that include the ability to receive IP video, with which you can configure a high performance CCTV system for professional applications.

When you plan to distribute IP video onboard from sources such as data or graphics screens, eg. cartographic information, it is essential to use a CCTV system as the one developed by Sainsel.