The splendid BAM “Meteoro”, the most modern vessel of the Spanish Navy built by Navantia, deserved the most brilliant solution for its commander’s support: the MiniWECDIS* MNR-02 developed by Sainsel.


BAM “Meteoro”


The MiniWECDIS MNR-02 is a product that combines (a) the experience in compact equipments, characteristics of aeronautic systems — in which Sainsel is working since years ago –, more specifically the cockpit display hardware adapted to the strict requisites of a navigation repeater for submarines, with (b) the WECDIS application developed and evolved by Sainsel during the last ten years.

*MiniWECDIS is a registered trademark of Sainsel.


Control Bridge of “Meteoro”


When human resources are as optimized as in the BAM vessels of the Spanish Navy, the role of the commander is even more significant. The MiniWECDIS enables the commander to have in his desktop permanently updated information about the development of the navigation, with all the alerts and capacities of the Bridge WECDIS navigation system.

Furthermore, at the meeting table the commander can debrief about operations thanks to the display, in a great size screen, of the image provided by the MiniWECDIS, which can be easily operated by means of wireless keyboard and mouse.

 Finally, from his desk, the commander will be able to plan the routes and/or operations, which later can be loaded into the Bridge WECDIS for their execution.

In conclusion, a support tool that many commanders would definitely like to have on board their vessels.


Commander Cabin

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