Modernization of Frigate “Navarra” (F-85)

In the process of the gradual modernization of the frigate “Navarra”, Sainsel finished improving its Navigation System and the first phase of its Combat System, prior to its recent departure for the Atalanta Operation.

Modernized Combat System Console

Modernized Combat System Console

With this modernization the obsolescences of equipment have been removed and above all have significantly enhanced the capabilities of surface warfare and operations support, thanks to the integration of official nautical charts with layers of aeronautical charts, AIS integration, integration of radar systems both tracks and video, integration of video of cameras both daytime and night vision and the addition of a modern system of operations support among other improvements.

With all these improvements, the frigate “Navarra”, which already has a high level of equipment for antiaircraft warfare, increases its performance to be one of the best ships equipped of the Spanish Navy.

Author: editorSainsel