Processor Cabinets


  • Diseño rugerizado de reducidas dimensiones.
  • Cualificado MIL-STD.
  • Amplia variedad de procesadores, sistemas operativos
  • Interfaz versátil con el exterior
  • Orientado al proceso distribuido


Sainsel, in its improvement of product process, has developed the processor cabinets, which allow decentralizing the architecture of land, sea and air systems, destined to applications like Combat System, communications, radar, sonar, weapon control, ESM and platform management.

Processor cabinets have been designed considering ruggedness and volume. The rigorous design, the exhaustive configuration control and the controlled production processes have become into a robust and reliable product, which has passed a tough set of environmental tests.

Processor cabinets can substitute the main processor of a command and control console, allowing the process being executed in a remote way, using the console displays to presentation, and its Human-Machine Interface as a method of order input.

The design of the equipments provides important benefits, such as flexibility and cost reduction during life cycle. Within a command and control center environment, the decentralization of the process units makes possible to considerably lower the effects of temperature and noise.

Processor cabinets use last generation processors with the most advanced features and a wide variety of formats (ATX, VME-VPX, Compact PCI, PICMG), so that the operator can process and present information according to the strictest requirements, using a wide repertory of Operating Systems. Sainsel provides the Application Programming Interface (API) necessary to ease the development by third parties, being responsible for the resource management.

The capabilities and versatility of the Sainsel Processor Cabinets are clear thanks to the variety of topologies and protocols: Ethernet, NTDS A-B-C, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, 1553, ARINC or analogical, managing the redundancy (fail-over technology) and reconfiguration.

Processor Cabinets are currently installed on board all the big ships of the Spanish Navy.