Integral service of accompaniment during all product life cycle

Sainsel is specialized in the equipment design and manufacturing under client requirements, fulfilling the application standards as much industrial environment as military, from the specification to the certification and delivery of the final product, as well as maintenance and after-sale service.

The staff responsible for the quality assurance, dependent of the Corporate Management, are present in all processes of Sainsel and actively participate in all of them. That participation is higher in those processes that directly mention them.

Specification and design

Generation of the initial specification

The General & Commercial Management of the company has extensive experience in counseling for generating specifications if required by the customer. Moreover, Sainsel advises customers if the specification comes directly from them.

Preliminary Design Review

At all programs in which the General & Commercial Management is involved, the corresponding PDR (Preliminary Design Review) is carried out through a complete verification of the specification facing the solutions believed to be valid.

The support of the Head of Quality Assurance, appointed by the Corporate Management, is fundamental in the PDR.

Planning and Control

Once the work in all its dimensions is defined, and therefore the specification is also approved at PDR, the designated Program Manager prepares the corresponding plan defining time and both human and material resources needed for its implementation.

The production resources are actively involved in this phase.

Human resources allocation

The Production Management allocates the resources required by the Program Manager for the mentioned plan. This allocation includes the selection of engineers, as well as assembly personnel.

The HR department shall facilitate the incorporation of officially homologated external resources if necessary.

Development and prototyping

Design and manufacture of prototypes

The engineers and assemblers designees shall be responsible for the definition, documentation and prototype assembly of the product to be manufactured if required.

Validation and testing

Environmental Approval

Sainsel has its own means for environmental approval purposes. Nevertheless, when these means are unavailable, the company proceeds to use those that are available through independent subcontractors already approved by Sainsel and experts in each necessary test field.

Functional Approval

When the final prototype has overcome with success the first environmental tests, the functional approval shall be carried out prior approval by buyer.

Industrialization and Certification

Definition and design documentation

At the end of the process, the designated personnel shall prepare and organize all definition and design documentation of the finished and approved prototype.

Production documentation

The production documentation shall be based on the previous phase’s documentation. The final dossier may be used by Sainsel or any other collaborating companies approved by Sainsel in order to produce such equipment.

Logistics study

The General & Commercial Management through the Program Manager shall supervise the generation of the logistics documentation required for the definition of needs during the equipment life cycle.

Production and supply

Procurement and purchasing

The Corporate Management through its personnel responsible for procurement shall obtain the materials and services necessary for the subsequent manufacture from the suppliers approved by Sainsel fulfilling all guaranties required in Quality procedures.


The manufacture can be physically carried out at Sainsel facilities or at those of subcontractors approved by Sainsel and with extensive experience in the manufacture of equipment.

Commissioning and testing

The Heads of Quality Assurance will pay special attention to this final phase, in which the test protocol to be executed should have been previously agreed with the customer.

Delivery and packaging

Sainsel delivers its equipment following the highest standards when it comes to packaging and protection, and according to the legislation in force in Spain and in the recipient countries.

Installation and integration

Installation assistance

Sainsel appoints human and material resources during all the equipment installation time, even on board if requested by the client.

On board tests

If required by the client, the Quality Managers of the Corporate Management are responsible for all the tests on board until the definitive installation delivery.


Sainsel provides staff and materials during all the equipment warranty life period, even on board if required by the client.


In Sainsel we provide operator and maintenance training courses of all our products. The teachers who give the courses are our own engineers, so that the product knowledge is assure and guarantees the maximum student satisfaction, and this is supported by the results of the surveys we make at the end of the courses, with a more than 9 out of 10 mean score.

These courses can be taught at Sainsel facilities, where we have simulators, mock-up and prototypes equals to the delivered equipment, and also can be given at our clients facilities. Both cases guarantee a direct contact with equipments and their use in a real environment what makes possible a quick and effective learning by the people attending.


Sainsel completes the cycle of design, manufacturing and installation of its products, with the stage of maintenance that has been sized parallel to the growing of the number of equipments delivered by Sainsel.

Sainsel provides a life cycle support solution adapted to the availability requirements that the client demands for the equipments manufactured and integrated in its systems. In this way, Sainsel provides also continuous improvements in the availability rate of the equipments, most of them integrated in critical systems.


Sainsel provides a repair service of all its wide range of own manufacturing and design military electronic. Given its condition of original supplier that Sainsel has over the majority of the electronic of its equipments, the repair activity is a logical consequence of the previous processes of design and manufacturing.

The diverse equipment necessary repairs are done at Sainsel facilities, satisfying the strictest quality regulations, NATO cataloguing and associated warranty, so that the client finds in Sainsel the necessary support to increase the availability of its equipments during life cycle.

In situ technical assistance

Sainsel has mobile technical staff that allows doing in situ technical assistances required by the client and needed to locate breakdowns, repair, configure and test the equipments on board.

The goal is to guarantee their higher grade of availability, because sometimes they are part of systems with a critical function. To satisfy this requirement, Sainsel has a support service structure that allows dealing with any assistance request and traveling on board with an immediate answer time, both national and international territory.

Spares supply

Sainsel has implemented the spares supply service to delivered equipments, with the goal of assuring and achieving a high availability, logistic, and immediacy in every step of support that makes the life cycle of a system and that demand these spares.

Sainsel gives the possibility of manufacturing spare parts and equipments, with a delivery time adapted to the client, and its corresponding quality and warranty certifications.

Obsolescence management

Sainsel keeps and develops obsolescence management programs that allow increasing the using period of the equipments, providing alternatives and new designs for those components with a higher grade of obsolescence.

Integral Maintenance

Sainsel has developed several ways of contract adapted to the necessities of the final client and user of the delivered equipments with the goal of keeping a custom-made service. Sainsel has more than a decade of experience in the Integral Maintenance Contracts Management for supplied equipments.

This maintenance includes tasks such as preventive, corrective, configuration control and obsolescence management. Another choice for contract is the maintenance associated to punctual requests either to repair components, or to assist and resolve on board incidents.

The activities associated to life cycle programs of equipments supplied by Sainsel are configured in Integral Maintenance Contracts whose objective is to guarantee the expectative of service, reliability and trust that the client demands.

The formalization of a stability and continuity frame for the support activities eases the increment of the availability rate. At the same time, the condition-based maintenance generates remarkable improvements in breakdown rates such as MTBF, in comparison to the theoretically calculated at the initial design.

Hot Line

Sainsel has high qualified support staff, assigned to Production Management. They may provide maintenance services required by the client in telephonic or telematics formats.