Sainsel in the European project Monalisa 2.0

Last May, Sainsel and the Maritime Security and Rescue Society (SASEMAR) signed the contract that materialized the close cooperation of both entities during the last three years. During this period, Sainsel has designed and developed the NAVSAR-12 System, which is a system designed to satisfy the navigation requirements existing in operations developed by rescue and surveillance ships, improving the capabilities of coordination between different maritime and air units providing more control to the land centres.


Much of the functionality and operation of NAVSAR-12 system could be tested on Monday June 15 in Valencia, where they showed a fire simulation on board a passenger ferry. In this simulation, included within of Monalisa 2.0 project, coordination and cooperation of different administrations and organisms that serve these types of emergencies was tested.


The global objective of Monalisa 2.0 project is to contribute to the development of sea motorways in the European Union according to Community Maritime Transport policies and to strengthen the efficiency, security and environmental protection in maritime transport.

The project is divided in 4 phases:

  • Operations and traffic management tools
  • Study the definition phase of the maritime traffic management
  • Safer Ships
  • Operational Security

This simulation coordinates the activity of operational security, in order to improve maritime safety, testing new technologies to reduce maritime accidents and improve search and rescue.

Sainsel stand installed at the Port Authority of Valencia was visited by many people, who could keep track of all the search operation, coordination and rescue of passengers. All of this in real time, thanks to NAVSAR-12 system with specific functionality for such rescue operations.



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