Sainsel in the new Maritime Action Ships

Sainsel has been, as it was for the first four ships of the series, the company chosen to supply the Multifunction consoles for the SCOMBA Combat System, the main console of Integrated Bridge System (GPCC) and Wing Consoles, which will be installed in both new Maritime Action Ship (BAM) to be built by Navantia in the “Extension BAM 1st Series” program of the Spanish Navy. 

The Multifunction consoles for SCOMBA Combat System, which will be common with supplied for the first four BAM series:

  • Exchange data with both SCOMBA Process Servers Systems which they are connected redundantly (a connection to each server).
  • Receive video over Ethernet Network from radar sensors and electro-optical sensors (TV, IR, CCTV,) connected to the “Radar Video and TV Video Servers” SCOMBA System. There will be a network dedicated to the distribution of radar video and another dedicated to the distribution of TV video. All consoles will be connected to both networks.
  • They shall provide auxiliary video outputs to Giants Screens Presentation System. These video outputs will be a replica of the image being displayed on monitors available on the console.
  • They will have connections to the Command and Control System or other systems on board, at the discretion of the Navy.

The operation of the System will be achieved through configurable operating positions at any multifunction console. More operating positions than multifunction consoles are planned in order to cover all needs and give adequate flexibility to the System.

Consolas SCOMBA en CIC de BAM 1ª Serie

SCOMBA Consoles in the CIC of BAM 1st Series

The main console of Integrated Bridge System (GPCC), installed in the Integrated Bridge, is a system to secure an efficiently the attention to the functions of navigating, maneuvering and control of ship with minimal staff dedicated in the Integrated Bridge. The goal of integration is to reduce the reaction time between the reporting of the various navigation sensors and machine control and decision-making derived from these data. This concept is particularly appropriate in the operations of navigation and maneuvering in restricted waters and / or coastal environment.

The CCPG consists of a set of modules connected together and mechanically mounted on the bridge deck by means of an idler.

The CCPG performs four main functions divided between the different modules:

  1. – Navigation: is made up of ARPA, WECDIS modules and others modules with related equipments.
  2. – Propulsion and Government: It is formed mainly by Government Console module.
  3. – Platform Control: composed mainly by ARPA and SICP modules.
  4. – SCOMBA Combat System: integrated by modules of the SCOMBA Bridge Console.
CCPG (BAM 1ª Serie)

CCPG (BAM 1st Series)

Sainsel also will supply the two parts of the Wing Console (starboard and port) to install in the Integrated Bridge System. Consoles are designed as self-contained units to be operated by one person when standing with a chassis solution similar in structure and materials with CCPG. The Wing Console is integrated for the following equipment: Propulsion Panel, Government Panel, Bow Thruster Panel, Jack Box for Self-excited Phone, Siren Button, Morse Button and Connections Plate.

Consola de Alerón (BAM 1ª Serie)

Wing Console (BAM 1st Series)

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