Sainsel signs with Airbus Defence and Space the contract for the development and delivery of “Mission Computer Console (MCC)” and “Onboard Information Terminal (OIT)” hardware subsystems of their platforms MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport)

Mr. Domingo Ureña, EVP of Military Aircraft in Airbus Defence and Space, and Mr. Alejandro Ballestero, President of Sainsel, signed the contract on September 3 at the Airbus Defence and Space facilities in Barajas, Madrid.

Mr. Domingo Ureña and Mr. Alejandro Ballestero in the act of signing the contract

After a long process of biding for almost two years, in competition with other companies, a company of the importance and size of Airbus Defence and Space has deposited its confidence in Sainsel to develop and supply the hardware and integrated operating system of two subsystems (MCC and OIT) of the Mission System to equip its A330 MRTT tanker aircrafts.

The MCC and OIT subsystems hardware proposed by Sainsel represents the state of the art applicable to onboard equipment, both in terms of process and of man / machine interface, allowing integration into a new concept of system architecture defined by Airbus Defence and Space.

The MCC is the main mission computer with a standard ½ ATR format box that is equipped with a VPX bus architecture with several conduction cooled cards with the highest level of ruggedness. This computer works as a server for various services of the mission system and also as a terminal to access the system.

The OIT is a system with similar functionality to Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) that can be considered equivalent to an operator console with its process module and man / machine interface module. Each aircraft is equipped with two OIT units installed in the cockpit, one for the pilot and one for the copilot. From a technological point of view they incorporate into its process hardware similar components to the MCC and for its man / machine interface a novel solution tablet that will be developed by Sainsel.

Both subsystems maintain a high degree of commonality to simplify and optimize the logistics. Its team practice has been designed to optimize the occupied space and match it with the equipment replaced.

This hardware will be qualified according to the standards required by Airbus Defence and Space.

The software of these subsystems will be developed by Airbus Defence and Space.

The trust of Airbus Defence and Space in Sainsel to carry out this supply represents a major milestone for Sainsel, because increases in a significant way its presence in the aviation sector, which has been present for more than twelve years providing several systems for different Airbus Defence and Space platforms.

The new MCC and OIT subsystems mean for Sainsel the start of activities in the area of ​​mission systems of great importance in the MRTT platforms, complementing its current participation in the vision systems of these same platforms.

MRTT program success

With this contract Sainsel will multiply by more than five its economic participation in these aircrafts and tie its future in the next years to the bright evolution of the Airbus Defence and Space MRTT platforms market, during which its technology and experience will be put to the service of the Airbus Defence and Space MRTT programs marketed worldwide.

This program has had great success internationally, in the past with contracts with Australia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, UK and Singapore, and in the future, with more expected contracts with countries such as France, India and Qatar where Airbus Defence and Space is offering different versions of the aircraft which include the above mentioned mission system.

This contract is therefore a good new for the national industry represented in this case by Sainsel, that has proved how providing high quality and innovative solutions compete at the highest level in a high-tech sector where, until now, have been other American and Swedish companies.

Author: editorSainsel