Sainsel will join the next Conference of the IHO providing support to the Hydrographic Institute of the Spanish Navy.

Sainsel, as a Spanish company leader in Nautical Digital Cartography and Navigation Systems based on the ECDIS and WECDIS standards, will participate in the XVIII International Hydrographic Conference that will take place on 23-27 April 2012 at Monaco, collaborating with the Hydrographic Institute of the Spanish Navy by means of the installation of a modern Navigation System (based in the Sainsel product MiniWECDIS MNR-02W) aboard of the Hidrographic Ship “Tofiño”. This system includes functionality that fulfils the latest ECDIS requisites of the IMO and the latest WECDIS requisites of the NATO.



A family of Sainsel products that include Bridge Consoles, certified ECDIS/WECDIS equipment, navigation repeaters and MiniWECDIS, Tactical Navigation Tables and submarine sail repeaters are available for navigation. These products can be used to navigate using the official nautical cartography as ENC of the IHO and DNC of the American NIMA.


Hidrographic Ship “Tofiño”

A great number of military surface ships and submarines are equipped with Sainsel navigation systems.


WECDIS repeater in the bridge of the BH “Tofiño”

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