Sainsel works on the development of the NAVSAR-12

Thanks to the close collaboration that has joined during the last years the Maritime Security and Rescue Society with Sainsel, last one has designed and developed a navigation system called NAVSAR-12.

NAVSAR-12 is a Navigation System based on ECDIS functionality supplemented with SAR specific functions, all developed and presented on digital cartography and with a capacity of communication and coordination between different maritime and land units (Centre National and Regional Control Centers) that enable the Maritime Security and Rescue Society to perform warranty service and efficiency any rescue, search and life-saving, as well as any mission of preventing and combating against the marine pollution and maritime traffic control.

On 10th of February, Sainsel staff attended the Regional Center of Barcelona Maritime Security and Rescue Society. During the day, Sainselpartner’s had the opportunity to explain the operation of NAVSAR-12 System by a practical demonstration with the estimable collaboration of a maritime unit SASEMAR, the “Mintaka” Salvamar.

Sainsel staff at the Rescue Coordination Centre in Barcelona

The exercise involved the creation of a search pattern and then sending it from the tower of the SASEMAR to “Mintaka” Salvamar.

“Mintaka” Salvamar

After receiving the search pattern on board, it was accepted by the “Mintaka” captain and immediately began tracking the planned defeat. At all times, from the Regional Centre staff could monitor every detail of the simulation of search and rescue operation (SAR).

NAVSAR-12 in the “Mintaka Salvamar”

Heads of Regional Centers of Barcelona, Tarragona, Cartagena, Alicante, Valencia and Palma de Mallorca, attended as listeners to the demostration, which showed great interest in the system so; from this forum we take the opportunity to thank them.

The ECDIS certification will permit in the future to carry out the legal navigation to patrols without paper charts on board (paperless navigation), by connecting with a new ECDIS backup unit, always meeting the latest requirements of exploitation of digital mapping products. Furthermore, the system is designed for expansion to Navigation System WECDIS (Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information System), if eventually required, to adapt their interfaces and install the latest version of WECDIS application, which is operational in almost all of the ships of the Spanish Navy, and has been proven in numerous missions, such as those carried out by frigates, patrols and BAMs in the Horn of Africa, the ones that are carried out throughout the Mediterranean, or in long duration missions such as the BAC “Cantabria” during its stay in Australia or the annual Training Ship “Juan Sebastián de Elcano”.

The use of ECDIS navigation system aboard the patrols will also have the advantages of commonality with the rest of the Spanish Navy ships, such as experience and training obtained by provisions in both the Naval School of Marin and the ESENGRA and the rest of ships, or logistical advantages for their support for the organization the Navy’s maintenance.

Author: editorSainsel