Integrated Systems

Thanks to its experience and reputation, Sainsel successfully develops integrated systems with great flexibility and adapted to new technological changes and its customers.

Since its establishment, Sainsel has provided integrated systems that cater to the needs of its customers. In this sense, it collaborates in the integration and implementation of new systems, providing the necessary support and training required for use and maintenance and thus demonstrating a strong and coherent experience.

Sainsel develops integrated systems of heterogeneous topologies such as WECDIS navigation systems for vessels and helicopters which include navigation radars , CCTV, sensors data, AIS systems, etc.; CONAM integrated combat consoles which contain the particular information from each vessel adapted to any protocol and interface and may develop APIs;  ships and helicopters that are integrated into a monitoring system from coordination centers; avionics vision and mission systems installed in MRTT, C295 and CN235.

  • Engineering Solutions adapted to needs
  • Adaptability to installation typology
  • Integrated communication systems
  • Coordination Solutions
  • Flexibility