We ensure full operability of our systems through a process of continuous modernization

Sainsel as a supplier of equipment for Combat Systems has the necessary expertise to address the modernization of vessels and thus ensure their full operation throughout its entire lifetime.

This modernization process not only involves the upgrade of the original Combat System equipment, but also the incorporation of new components that increase its operational capabilities.

Sainsel develops equipments in order to achieve full integration, in both hardware and software level, with the original Combat System, as well as with the other systems and sensors. The addition of the new equipment, result of the experience gained by Sainsel in new construction projects, provides combat system users with operational improvements similar to the ones included in the technically most advanced vessels.

Finally, it should be pointed out that Sainsel experience in navigation systems development has allowed its incorporation into this relevant modernization, increasing the security in navigation through the inclusion of modern equipment, adapted to the command needs and integrated with the Combat System.

  • Sainsel has participated in the modernization of the Spanish Navy Santa Maria Class frigates, providing the Combat System consoles.
  • Sainsel has supplied new systems for the CIC and new sensors have been integrated into the original Combat System, thereby enhancing the operators’ capabilities.