WECDIS training course for maneuvering & navigation instructors at ESENGRA Specialist School

The WECDIS/PC equipment is a milestone for the Spanish Navy regarding the process of training and development for the navigation simulated practice. This equipment that has been delivered to Telvent for its integration into the Navigation Simulator located at ESENGRA Specialist School, shall allow Spanish Navy crew ground training in the operation and exploitation of the certified ECDIS/WECDIS navigation systems with which more than thirty surface and submarine military vessels are equipped.


Figure 1


On October 3rd, our company provided training to maneuvering & navigation instructors at the Naval School. The main objective of the course consisted of acquiring the necessary knowledge about the latest version of the WECDIS application, which incorporates numerous new capabilities, thus satisfying the latest IMO standards that apply to ECDIS.

The knowledge acquired shall be used by those instructors at the same facilities to train the Spanish Navy crew within a complete training program in navigation functions such as route planning and monitoring; alarm interpretation; ENC, DNC and AML cartography; database queries; user layer edition or navigation data automatic storage and monitoring.


Figure 2

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