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We are an Engineering Company specialized in the design, development and implementation of comprehensive solutions for defense and security at a global level. We adapt to our customer necessities, being flexible, fast and agile, with the maximum rigor, passion and quality.

We are a group of people passionate for what we do, willing to innovate and be open to new challenges, always listening to our clients and understanding what they require, with the goal of building a safer and more sustainable world.


We started our activity more than 35 years ago. Our first projects were based on the design and manufacturing of air traffic consoles, and then also we started our presence in the defence market with the design and development of multifunction Combat System consoles, which have been present in our activity up to now

In the meantime, we started developing our WECDIS application, allowing us to be also one of the leader companies in the navigation area. Our presence in the naval market has grown with bigger projects and experiences that have made possible for us to integrate our own full Combat System.

In the mid-2000s we started developing tactile displays for EADS-CASA (currently Airbus Defence and Space), and so started our history in the aeronautical market, growing up to now with more complex developments and projects, such as the

A330 MRTT Enhanced Mission Computer. We expanded to other customers designing tailor-made consoles for small aircrafts integrating them in the Mission System.

Thanks to our competences, abilities and presence in aeronautical and naval sectors, our activity has grown and evolved to other markets, such as surveillance and security sector, where we have designed and deployed our full integrated search and rescue application and system.


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We are an international company, located in Madrid but with projects and clients all over the world, and the capacity and flexibility to move and establish wherever it is needed.


Quality Policy Declaration

Our Quality System is certified under the ISO 9001, PECAL 2110 and EN-9100 international standards, corresponding to civil, military and aeronautic environments. Additionally, the flexibility of our Quality System let us assume the quality procedures and controls of the clients whenever is required.

Environmental Policy

Likewise, we are also certified under the ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental Management), which provides the necessary guidance to control the environmental impact in our organization.

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