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CN235, C295, A330 MRTT


Sainsel keeps collaborating with Airbus for more than 15 years in the design, development and supply of different vision systems and equipment of different aircrafts and applications for Airbus Defence & Space.

Thanks to our experience and career in the design of monitors and various vision systems, Airbus Defence & Space has relied on our products to progressively equip its aerial platforms, providing them with numerous and diverse technical capabilities.

Currently, Sainsel provides cockpit monitors the CN235 and C295 aircrafts. In addition, Sainsel has developed one of the key equipment in the development of the platform for maritime surveillance and homeland security applications. It is a 24″ touch screen monitor, which is part of the new and successful Airbus FITS (Fully Integrated Tactical System) airborne tactical system, which has had its maximum representation with the development of its FWSAR version for the Canadian government.

In parallel, Sainsel has been equipping for more than 10 years Airbus tankers, more specifically the A330 MRTT in its Legacy and Enhanced versions. For both aircraft, Sainsel supplies the panoramic and 3D vision systems that monitor and control the in-flight refuelling operation with the BOOM.

Thanks to our know-how and experience, Airbus Defence & Space relies on Sainsel to supply other key elements in its vision system chains, such as specific video cabling for the in-flight refuelling operation, as well as the external display of the aircraft cameras.

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