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Sainsel provides certificated WECDIS systems since 2001. The first systems were delivered to the Spanish Navy, following STANAG 4564 OTAN requirements, which has been recently updated to edition 3. Sainsel fulfils all of its requirements and is very close to obtain the proper type-approval, being one of the first companies in the World.

Sainsel WECDIS is supported by IEC and IMO regulations ECDIS type-approval, and has been developed under strict quality standards and adding Sainsel experience and the nearness to different system users and operators.

Besides being loyal to standards, Sainsel is continually working on evolving its product according to the latest tendencies and state of the art, considering both functionality, performance or today key aspects, such as cybersecurity.

Sainsel WECDIS is supported by a powerful Hardware that can be provided in a unique console chassis or in a modular way to adapt to pre-existent environments.

Relevant Characteristics


Bathymetric Navigation

The operator will establish the position of the own ship with the aid of the sounder sensor and the contour lines of the official chart. Sainsel WECDIS provides two methods for bathymetric navigation:
- Contour Advance Navigation
- Line of Soundings

Pool of Errors

The Pool of Errors (PoE) is the uncertainty area where the own ship is supossed to be. The PoE grows as specified by sensor errors. The PoE can be reduced by a variety of means like contour lines with the aid of the sounder, lines of positions, radar fix, bathymetric navigation, and other advance navigation fixing techniques.

Water Space Management and Moving Havens

WSM provide the capability of enabling areas that can be designed as friend or hostile. The Moving Haven safe area moves along the route merging with the friend areas and exclude the hostile ones. The system raises an alert when the own platform reach the border of the safe area.

Tactical Symbols

The WECDIS supports the standard APP-6(D) for the portrayal of tactical symbols (surface, subsurface and air) provided by a command system.

WAR Dispositions

NATO Frameworks for operating forces in widely dispersed groups. The dispositions supported by the WECDIS are 4W, 2W and Sector Screens. It is possible to set the Position Intended Movement (PIM) of the disposition.

Additional Relevant Characteristics

Key Capabilities
  • Chart Display: ENC, DNC, AML

  • Route Planning

  • Route Monitoring

  • Targets W-AIS, ARPA, CMS

  • Radar Video Overlay

  • Camera integration

Capacidades adicionales
  • Capas OTAN definidas por el usuario para interoperabilidad de sistemas
  • Farthest on Circles
  • Gun Sectors
  • Helicopter Outhouse
  • Conversión de datums
  • Sistema de referencia militar en parrilla
  • Sistema de referencia de área global

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