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Sainsel participates in the International Day Of Women In Engineering spreading through its social networks the testimonies of two of its engineers, Lourdes Shulca and Pilar Olmo. With the commitment to raise awareness about the importance of STEM careers in the workplace, the organization has reviewed the careers of some of its engineers.

Lourdes Shulca, who currently works in the area of support and maintenance of equipment for the Spanish Navy, Maritime Rescue and Airbus, commented that when she began her telecommunications studies at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, women only represented 10% of her class. The tiny number of women in engineering careers in Lourdes’ account is reminiscent of that provided by Pilar Olmo, who maintains that in the 1980s the number of girls in engineering classes was less than 5%.

Finally, the engineer Pilar Olmo, who has been in the company for more than 30 years, has encouraged young women who like mathematics or physics to “consider engineering careers because they are careers with many opportunities where they work in very interesting projects where tangible things are defined, created and maintained that drive progress”.

Sainsel’s management, through the participation in campaigns for the visibility of women in engineering, bets to transmit a corporate image of the company based on values of equality in its communications, language and in the directive policy of the company.