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Design, Development and Installation of the Combat System by Sainsel in two Kenyan Navy patrol vessels, incorporating the Combat System Core with the abilities of an FCS (Fire Control System) the radar and optronic sensors necessary to provide the capabilities of detection, assessment and management of the threat.

The Combat Management System developed and installed in the vessels of the Kenyan Navy, is the main component for the onboard management and decision-making of the ship. The CMS provides sensor management, tactical scenario monitoring, risk evaluation, support to decisions and weapons control.

The experience of Sainsel providing equipment for the Combat Systems of the Spanish Navy, has served as a basis for the development of its own Combat System, the SCS-18.

The SCS-18 has been developed with the objective of fulfilling the expectations of our customers and for this it has taken into account the scalability and the capacity of integration as premises:

  • Scalability: developing a Core with the capacity to be adapted with minimal changes to different platforms, from vessels for littoral/river operations to vessels for medium intensity naval operations.
  • Integration capacity: adapting the system to the sensors selected by the customer or integrating the sensors already installed on board. The experience of Sainsel in ship modernization allows us to address the integration of pre-existing systems together with our Combat System Core.

The SCS-18 based Combat System installed on board Kenyan Navy patrol vessels incorporates Surveillance Radar, Electro Optical Sensors, IFF and W-AIS, providing tactical situation information by fusing the information provided by the various sensors. The information is presented to the Control Center and managed by the various roles supported by SCS-18, providing assessment and decision support. The SCS-18 allows the assignment of the Optical Directors to the weapons of the ship, supporting the operator in the engagement. For the management of the information the operator counts on Sainsel Multifunction Consoles able to support the different roles, presenting the tactical scenario, together with the images from the different cameras or the system for the control of the weapons.

The CMS installed in the Kenyan Navy ships, besides incorporating the necessary sensors for the knowledge of the tactical environment, included the navigation sensors that the ships lacked, essential for the exploitation of tactical information.

Finally, the CMS was enhanced with the incorporation of Tactical Communications, allowing operators to communicate from their station with other stations within the ship or with other external units.

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