Years of execution:

2015 – Ongoing


Design and Development of equipment, including Processors and Displays, to be integrated into the Mission System of Airbus Defence and Space's new tanker aircrafts.

As part of the collaboration of Sainsel with Airbus Defence and Space, the possibility of integrating new equipment for the Enhanced version of the A330 MRTT Multi-Role Tanker aircraft arose. This equipment has been designed by Sainsel fully adapted to Airbus needs, both in functionality and physical characteristics, given the need to adapt to an existing environment.

One of the most important components of the system is the MCC (Mission Console Computer), a high-performance processor completely ruggedized for its specific use in this aircraft, whose design has been completely made by Sainsel. The other component is the Onboard Information Terminal (OIT), whose main element is its Display Unit, a 13″ ruggedized tablet used directly by the pilot and co-pilot to have information from the Mission System and the cameras that monitor the refuelling.

Additionally, Sainsel supplies other valuable components for the functionality of the system, such as 3D monitors, panoramic monitor or high reliability video cables.

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